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Laser hair treatment


Today you can find at least three laser hair loss treatments systems that have been getting good reviews.

Laser Luce LDS 100 Pros: ∑ stimulates hair growth in 70 percent of hairs in their resting place ∑ increases blood flow to the scalp ∑ hair follicles absorb more nutrients ∑ scalp grows healthier hair

With this procedure, the patient must sit under a dome shaped machine in which the interior of the dome is lined with low energy laser illuminators. These beams are absorbed by the skin, which stimulate the blood vessels in the deep layers of the skin tissue.

Laser Luce LDS 100 Cons: ∑ will need a series of therapy treatments to notice even a small difference ∑ for best results, must be combined with other hair loss treatments

Low Level Laser Therapy, also known as LLLT Pros: ∑ does not rupture the skin ∑ improves the health of existing hair ∑ stimulates the growth of new hair ∑ non-invasive method ∑ increased blood circulation

This method utilizes a comb that uses LLLT to heat and massage the scalp. The pores on the patientís scalp will expand from the heat. An invisible infrared radiation is emitted by the comb, which increases cellular metabolism in the scalp.

Low Level Laser Therapy, also known as LLLT Cons: ∑ For best results, must be combined with conventional hair restorative treatment programs to combat hair loss

Laser Comb Pros: ∑ Can be used at home ∑ administers phototherapy ∑ Stimulates hair growth

∑ Normally used to aid with other hair loss treatments ∑ Should talk with your physician prior to purchasing a laser comb over the counter

As with all laser hair loss treatments, you should talk with your physician concerning any of the questions you may have. In most cases, the top two laser procedures have seen marked improvement in hair loss patients, however, in most cases; another hair loss treatment will also be used to ensure healthy hair growth. In most cases, laser treatments for hair loss are never used alone. Laser hair treatments are used along side other treatments to aid in stimulating the blood flow, which will aid in new hair growth.

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